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Thursday, Oct 17th, 2019

Back online, PC setup on new desk and connected to wifi, the only internet Waldron has it seems.

Starting to get settled into routine here in Arkansas, our 11th day in the house.

When mom and dad listed the trailer in Peoria on Sept 20th, they figured it would sell fast. Surprised me it sold by the 23rd. Got the U-Haul and loaded it for 4 days and were on the road by Thursday, Sept 26th. I drove their car with the dog riding shotgun and our smart-tv's and main-computer gear in the back seat and trunk. The van was loaded to the gills and a pile of discarded particle board furniture on the curb that wouldn't fit.

As mom and dad are in their 70's now, we only drove during the day. All of us (me, most of all, being in the worst shape of any one single person in Arizona) were still recovering from the 4 days of loading in the hot Arizona sun. We got to Flagstaff by nightfall and stopped for the night. Next day, Friday, we made it to Albuquerque, a state away from our home of 23 years. On Saturday we made it half way past Amarillo TX to Oklahoma City OK stopping midway at Elk City OK for the night. Then on Sunday we drove to Fort Smith AR, just an hour from our destination in Waldron AR and stopped at a nice motel in Van Buren AR. The next morning Jenn and Joe drove up and we drove down to Waldron via the 540 to the 71, stopping at a storage unit to unload into two largish units, big enough to hold everything that was stuffed in the 26 foot van. With the help of Jenn and Joe and Arielle and her bf Richard we unloaded the van in 90 minutes flat. I'm sure at that point it would have killed us over a week long unload (although the packing is what really drags it out, getting enough boxes, wrapping breakables, etc). Then, we drove down the 250 to Jenn's place and moved in, while she took her leave and went to stay with Joe until the house closed, a week later on Monday the 7th of October. We got all the stuff from storage moved over on the 7th, taking a good part of the day and about 4-5 trips in cars and on Joe's trailer toed behind Jenn's SUV.

It felt a lot like when George Carlson left us in the single wide, on that dusty 10 acres, still needing water/electricity/septic and of course the days of jacking the rear of the trailer up 6 feet to level it out. Then the siding/insulation. Fun times. We had a propane tank arrive the 2nd or 3rd day maybe, wasn't a long wait for gas for the stove (didn't need heat in August). It took 6 weeks to get electricity. We used a bit of kerosene in the lanterns. That was in August of 1976. October of 2019 felt similar =)

Going a whole 9 days before we got internet felt just like that six weeks with no electriciy, off the grid, roughing it. =)