Nov 1, 2018

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Table of Contents


Jonathan M Vickers, Admiral retired, of Earth Prime Naval Special Operations

Emily H Vickers, his daughter

Mia, his late 2nd wife's twin sister, and Sen Sei

Ivan, Sgt Major of the Fleet, long time companion of Jon and Mia


1. Returning home


This novel is dedicated to my youngest son, Andrew, who was lost to this world, on the morning of October 25th 2018.
I want the humor and light of his soul to live on forever thru this work of fiction.


This novel has been crawling around in my head for years, incomplete and ephemeral. It now needs to be put to paper, or at least electrons on my screen. There are parts I know will be painful to write, yet they now need to be written more than ever, things that need to be expressed, hopefully better than my usual communications.

Chapter One

As he stepped through the portal, Jon did not know what to expect. Thirty-five years had passed since he left this universe and if the coordinates or time settings were off my more than a minute or two, they might end up in space, not on the surface of the real Earth, home.

After the first step, and the dimly remembered tug of an inter-dimensional transfer, he felt solid ground beneath his feet and the warm sunshine of the Golden State greeting his face. The humidity was high, much like many jungle planets Jon had visited. Three more flashes and his daughter Emily, Mia and Ivan had joined him. This was Emily's first visit to her father's home universe. Southern California was very unlike the world she'd known on Earth Prime. The air here was polluted, not climate controlled to set humidity and temperature. The sun was blazing hot on her shoulders, she could literally feel the UV burning into her well tanned skin.