30 Aug 2018

Yay, 2nd pull-request and merge back into master on my cms3 project on github.

Added changes to httpd.conf in the virtualhost section for cms3.perl-user.com

Now, the database connections are persistant, debug subroutine added to show count of how many times it goes thru the database initialization subroutine (using http://cms3.perl-user.com/?debug) and the PID and the $dbh hash value to prove that it is properly skipping making a new $dbh when it has one for that process.

Also added PerlAddVar lines to get a hash for dbuser and dbname from the httpd.conf instead of having it hard coded in cms3.pm. More Portable.

Updated README with the changes.

My next steps will be to get CRUD functions implemented after database tables are created. That needs to be working before I work on my primary idea for a new social interface. Forms must be loaded from database, postable_pages perhaps. Other tables: user_data, page_data, status_posts, comments, event_data, friends, ownership (need multiple rows if edit access to an admin or user page has been shared)

NOTES. /add_note - gets the #hash, owner, data for the note

Other forms:

Register, of course /register (should auto-redirect to this form if there's no userid cookie)

Login /login (with a userid cookie, redirect to this page if there's no valid session cookie)

Settings /user_settings

28 Aug 2018

Until today, I'd never actually made a git branch before. Changed testing branch for cms3 to what I have currently on cms3.perl-user.com and merged it into master on github. Not too tough heh!

27 Aug 2018

I am planning to roll out (read: develop) version 3 of my CMS on cms3.perl-user.com, a complete rewrite from scratch using more jQueryUI features and a basic CRUD+Social+Search framework...

One step at a time.

  • Step 1. Setup a github repo for it

    Added repo

    Done, first commit of barebones cms3.pm

    Done, removed cms3.perl-user.com from Lynk2.pm

    Done, added directories at /var/www/userconfig

    Done, added virtualhost section for cms3.perl-uer.com to httpd.conf

  • Step 2. Implement automatic initialization
  • Step 3. User logins, can't post comment or add pages without logging in I think...
  • Step 4. Implement basic CRUD for pages, then posts/status updates, then comments
  • Step 5. Social features, friends, page/post sharing, edit permission sharing, etc

Since the first version was Posted.pm and the second version was Lynk2.pm, I need a new name for version three

Think I'll just stick with MyApache2::cms3 for the module name, cms3.pm for the file, since repo is made.

Note to self: It is pretty important, if you install a module as MyApache2::MyEnv, that the package name in the module MUST be MyApache2::MyEnv and not just MyEnv...

26 Aug 2018

Added a todo page for cms3.perl-user.com's new cms module: TODO's

Note: the userconfig domain has since been suspended and shortly thereafter removed from existance on my server. A couple short SQL commands and the pages are being happily served as cms3.perl-user.com - todo's are there too. Oct 14, 2018

22 Aug 2018

More slight changes to Lynk2.pm

Configured email to receive and send. Added MX and spf TXT record. Had to change sendmail.mc to allow incoming ipv4 and ipv6 connections on port 25. Seems to work now...

15 Aug 2018

Changed some warnings in Lynk2.pm so that my error log looks more uniform, time stamps and everything.

12 Aug 2018

When to use target_blank article on css-tricks.com

I never even new about rel=noopener.

9 Aug 2018

New kernel 4.17.12 installed today.

Added a snippet to Lynk2.pm for allpages (it filters by the requested domain) with newest pages at top. cf: allpages for ~~dom~~

There are snippets in cms3.pm and primary test domain is now cms3.perl-user.com -- Oct 14, 2018

1 Aug 2018

Moved links to PostgreSQL resources/articles off to the right.

Also moved July posts to old posts page.