27 July 2018

Got kernel-4.17.9 installed and rebooting...

Need to keep a list of recent PostgreSQL articles - like to go back and re-read them after the first time.

23 July 2018

Changed Lynk2.pm to send a 403 Forbidden for any unauthorized posts... Need to test to see if comments still work... They worked but were dropping down into handle_post which overrode the redirect and sent the 403 Forbidden even though the comment posted. Fixed that.

9 July 2018

Meta tag redirects in URLs stop in Firefox at the Allow button, so to get to ~~dom~~ from itty.bitty.site here's an href link instead
And a link to my pic here on ~~dom~~ via the #link on itty.bitty.site
My pic on ~~dom~~

3 July 2018

I know, I still need to do something with the C.R.U.D. menu on the left...

3 July 2018

Added a CNAME for kordaff.perl-user.com and modified the settings for kordaff.github.io in my github project for it to display the custom domain name. It was very easy to configure, although I had gotten used to instant updates here on ~~dom~~ (with Lynk2.pm) (< 100ms for a POST = published) so waiting 2-3 minutes is a lil bit of a drag. Lol, how easily spoiled I am =)