Old Posts - November 2018

Moved old posts from November here Dec 1st, 2018

9 Nov 2018

Updated kernel to 4.18.17

8 Nov 2018

Pushed v3.2 to github. Includes ?delete function and /api/change_pw to change either or both of login pw and delete pw.

8 Nov 2018

Doing another install on an Arch Linux vm, I found and fixed a bug in the ?delete functions. Rolled that changed to main server. Nearly ready to push v3.2 to github now.

7 Nov 2018

Finished adding /api/change_pw and ?delete function to deactivate pages (doesn't actually delete, I just go into psql cms3 cms3 (psql userconfig userconfig on perl-user.com because I haven't fully gotten rid of that last vestige of userconfig.cf =( ) and

DELETE FROM pages where inactive;
when I want to clear out the old page verisons.

3 Nov 2018

Added a bunch of code to display and process the /api/delete_page form for deleting a page. perl-user.com/xx?delete had the honor of being first to go away (well, become inactive on all versions anyway lol, still have the page in database. May add an ?expunge option, maybe not, could just remove all inactive pages for cleanup...)

Starting to merge cms3 pages into Old Posts archive pages. DONE - all pages on cms3.perl-user.com have been migrated/merged and the sub-domain deactivated and removed from database and apache configs

Fixing favicon for all my archived post pages. favicon still shows cms3, newicon is for just perl-user.com

1 Nov 2018

Welcome to my tech blog. Lately, it's mostly been notes about cms3.pm Cms3 is the mod_perl handler that runs this website and cms3 and cf too, although they can be rolled into the main perl-user.com space now that all three are on cms3.

The pages on Cms3 load faster than typical Apache pages I believe (not yet benchmarked, need to do that...) Belief is no where near proof in most cases =)

I have added a few new snippets, one for the pages current version number you can see on the left. I've only changed this page 3-4 times today. Maybe I should make a snippet that shows recent version changes / day...

These pages have been jQuery/Bootstrap3 for a long time. When I figure out how to make them as responsive using CSS-Grid using a similar layout on my test page for CSS-Grid then I'll switch to CSS-Grid instead. With Bootstrap3, the page resizes nicely down to X pixels and then switches to menu at top and single column for mobile. Doesn't do that yet with CSS-Grid, needs some hmm media-queries or something.