TODO for on

  • Remove bits of codes that hard code the admin user to my home IP
  • Add /api/add_domain, /api/delete_domain, /api/delegate_domain functions
  • Add an option to /api/add_page to insert a default page body for a new page, insert, redirect to newpage?edit, perhaps...
  • Add a function to view versions of a page ?all_versions to list them all page?version=X to pick one
  • Add /api/change_email
  • Add a todo_verify table for pending account adds/email verifications/pw change verifications/etc

DONE items

  • Add /api/change_pw for changing either login pw or delete pw or both Done on Nov 7th 2018
  • Add a ?delete function DONE - Nov 3
  • Fix the scripts to reload body of domains DONE - commited 15 Oct
  • Add a domains table - owner,domain,creation_time - then, %valid can be loaded from that table DONE - commited 15 Oct
  • Need a temp indicator for whether user is logged in (like Welcome: X) or not (LOGIN button)DONE 3 Oct Added snippets committed to github